Welcome to the 2014 Life Line

If this is your first visit

Then there are some things you need to know:

  • The purpose of this site is to create a safe space for Meharry Medical College School of Medicine Class of 2014 to share knowledge and resources in order to help our learning and reach our highest potential in our classes, board exams, and step exams.
  • Anyone can view this site, but you must have an account to edit anything on this site. If you think you should have an account but do not know how to access it, please contact the Life Line Chairs, Raj Bant.
  • Professors and administration DO have access to this site, so please make sure you conduct yourself in a professional manner. The purpose of this site is to enhance learning, so please use it accordingly.
  • Please make your username your Meharry ID so that we will be able to properly identify you. If that is not available, please make it some variation of your name. If we are unable to identify who you are, then we will remove your access.

How is this site organized

  • Content is organized by course to try to make things as easy to find as possible. We have courses split between first and second year and categories that correspond with each course. These categories are the same for both the resources pages and the discussion boards.
  • It might seem a little weird to have categories for first year too, but we did that intentionally so that, while we're studying for Step 1, we can still help each other out! First years, do NOT have editing privileges on our site.
  • Each page has a table of contents section that allows you to easily access different categories of information. When you're editing a page, please be sure to not edit any mark up code. The moral of the story is if you don't recognize what it is, don't edit it! If you remove any code that needs to be there, you may break the site. So feel free to add things, but delete with caution!